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Crestwood Express360 Oil and Commodity Commodity Corporation of America Crestwood Express360 Oil and Commodity Commodity Corporation of America Crestwood Express360 Oil and Commodity Commodity Corporation of America

Welcome to Crestwood Express360

The commodity corporation of America.
We are global. We are 360.

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse to serve anyone who does not fit our buyers and /or suppliers requirements.

We have carefully and strategically selected our suppliers based on their products expertise, history of quality and timely deliveries, they never failed us, we will never fail them.

We have decided to apply the same rigor of protocol on our buyers. We deal directly with end buyers or verified legal representatives.

We apologize in advance for not entertaining unrealistic requests and time wasters.
Let us tell you what we do.

What We Do

We sell Rice, Sugar, Diesel grade 6 and Aviation kerosene
We have positioned ourselves to be a valuable resource in today’s volatile commodity market by working directly with Rice and Sugar mills, Oil refineries, End buyers and Direct sellers.
Due to market prices volatility and various products available, we have specialized in four products, making us experts in those to better serve you.
We consider you our most valuable strategic partner, simply because your success is ours as well.
Our business model is centered on your trust, your opinion is very important.
Our product expertise comprised of: Rice, Sugar, Diesel grade 6, Aviation kerosene grade 54.

The world is starving and many countries are struggling to feed their population due to scarcity of products and high prices.
Crestwood express360, the commodity corporation of America, we have chosen to close the gap by bringing at your disposal, high product quality at very affordable prices, making it possible for you consumers and population to enjoy the same satisfaction at reduced prices.
We have secured rice and sugar allocation in strategic producing countries for your convenience.

Our common rice origin are USA, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Laos, Columbia.

Our sugar are originated from of course Brazil, Paraguay, USA and Mexico.

Our diesel product comes from USA

Our Aviation kerosene comes from Russia

Initiate your buying process today by submitting your letter of intent (LOI). We will be diligent in sending you our soft corporate offer.

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