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Here at Crestwood Express360, we have more people working outside of our headquarter office in Los Angeles than inside. Our partners are mostly worldwide, that’s why.

Our compensation structure takes in consideration the country you are working from and your local currency, giving your associates the leverage needed to operate and reach clients target with less difficulties.

Our compensation structure is a combination of base salary, commission, few incentives such as Laptop, Tablets, phones and cash bonuses.

Our compensation structure is a combination of base salary, commissions, few incentives such as Laptop, Tablets, Phone, and cash. Big rewards for excellent achievers in sales. For 12,500 Metric tons and more sold you will receive one laptop and a phone, for 25,000 MT you will receive 2 phones, one tablet, one laptop and 5,000.00, for a combined sale of 50,000 Metric Tons sold, you will receive a Brand New Range Rover Car in the color of you choice, $10,000.00, a phone and Laptop.

We take pride in taking care of our associates because they are the essential tool why we are 360.

Currently, we are looking for:

Regional Vice-president of Sales

— Malawi, Botswana, Tanzania, Ghana, Cameroon

Sales Representatives

— Dubai, Australia (Sydney), Morocco, Sudan

Security Technician

— Remotely

You must have basis Sales and product knowledge, have contact that can buy and integrity and honesty to represent our company in your region.

Please send your career background at

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